It isn’t enough to provide sustainable options because our customers expect it. We do it for ourselves and for our commitment to a positive and sustainable future.

Pinnacle Live aims to lead the event technology industry in sustainability. We prioritize minimizing our environmental impact with every purchasing and logistical decision.

It starts with our unique model

Our equipment is curated specifically for and stored within each venue we service, which reduces fossil fuel consumption related to trucking and offsite warehousing and extends the useful life of the gear. The challenge to be more responsible will never end. Each choice matters in our commitment to a healthy, vibrant planet, and sustainable events industry.

Our net zero pledge

By joining forces with other industry leaders, we pledge to prioritize and implement strategies that reduce our carbon footprint, contribute to global climate goals, and foster a greener events industry. This pledge serves as a guiding principle in our ongoing mission to create unforgettable experiences that are both environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

Pinnacle Live is a Signatory of the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge


Measuring Our Impact

AA Batteries

Saved per year by our exclusive use of rechargeable batteries

Projector Bulbs

Saved per year through the exclusive use of laser projection

Gallons of Fuel

Saved per year by not warehousing our gear offsite

KWH of Electricity

Saved per year by using LED Leko lighting fixtures instead of conventional fixtures

Laser Projection & LED Lighting

Pinnacle Live is the first provider in North America to supply all of our new venues with 100% laser projection and LED lighting, which reduce energy consumption and raw materials usage.

LEED-Certified Building

Pinnacle live’s LEED-Certified innovation and training center, Endeavor Base, showcases our dedication to sustainability and innovation, featuring energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly materials.