Pinnacle Live Event Productions and Bear Analytics Forge Dynamic Partnership

Partnership Unlocks Real-Time Impact and Revolutionizes Event Decision-Making with Actionable Data

CHICAGO, June 20, 2023 – Pinnacle Live Event Productions, a leading provider of creative, technical, and logistics solutions for high-profile live events, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bear Analytics, a renowned event analytics software company. This collaboration aims to empower event organizers by leveraging their existing data, enabling them to enhance audience growth, boost revenue, and achieve more effective marketing strategies.

As a single-source solution for complex live events, Pinnacle Live Event Productions has curated a best-in-class partner network that equips event organizers, planners, and brand marketers with turnkey solutions to drive actionable event decisions. The strategic partnership with Bear Analytics further strengthens their commitment to delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions, ensuring the success of every event.

Central to this partnership is Bear Analytics' flagship product, Bear IQ - an advanced analytics platform designed specifically for event organizers. Bear IQ enables event professionals to access their event intelligence seamlessly, empowering them to make real-time data-driven decisions across their event portfolio.

Key Features and Benefits to Pinnacle Live customers:

  • Actionable Data: Easily take action with your event data to make a real-time impact.
  • Centralized Data: All your event data in one place for streamlined reporting and analysis.
  • Quick Insights: Instantly identify trends to adjust your event strategy on the fly.
  • Identify Gaps and Opportunities: Clearly pinpoint areas for conversion and revenue growth.
  • Smarter Investments: Make informed decisions by understanding attendance and sales behaviors.
  • Understand Channel Performance: Optimize marketing campaigns based on real-time conversion data.

"We are excited to join forces with Bear Analytics," said Dan Sherman, Executive Vice President of Business Development of Pinnacle Live Event Productions. "This partnership aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower event organizers. Bear IQ's comprehensive analytics platform will enhance our clients' ability to leverage data-driven insights and make informed decisions to achieve their event goals."

"We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Pinnacle Live Event Productions," stated Joe Colangelo, CEO and Co-Founder of Bear Analytics. "Pinnacle's unwavering dedication to delivering successful and immersive event experiences aligns with our data-driven approach to performance enhancement. We eagerly anticipate providing Pinnacle and their clients with valuable insights, comprehensive reporting, and AI-driven insights to drive audience acquisition, revenue growth and elevating the onsite experience.”

About Pinnacle Live Event Productions

Pinnacle Live Event Productions is a leading provider of creative, technical, and logistics solutions for high-profile, complex live events. Backed by a team of seasoned industry professionals and an extensive network of partners, Pinnacle Live Event Productions offers comprehensive turnkey solutions that set new standards for High-Powered Events. Learn more at

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About Bear Analytics

Bear Analytics is a leading data analytics company, dedicated to helping organizations gain actionable insights from the data they’re already collecting. Bear Analytics, empowers the events industry to be more data-driven. Our founding team of event professionals build tools for the world’s leading events to address the pain points of quantifying content engagement, audience acquisition, and growing exhibit and sponsor revenue. Learn more at

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