A Powerful Collaboration: Pinnacle Live and AVMS Merger Will Elevate Event Services for Hotel Partners

At Pinnacle Live, we continually seek opportunities to grow and enhance our offerings. We're excited about our recent merger with AVMS, a trusted and respected partner in the event technology realm. This strategic combination is the result of our shared commitment to excellence and personalized service, focused on fulfilling the unique needs of each hotel partner and customer.

A Shared Vision

Joining forces with AVMS comes from a deep-rooted alignment of values: our companies prioritize fostering relationships – both with our partners, and within our teams – and delivering exceptional, tailor-made service. These values provide the bedrock for a new era of unparalleled collaboration, synergy, and innovation that will significantly benefit our partners and offer true choice in the market place.

Emphasis on Relationships

Pinnacle Live and AVMS are both known for their commitment to building strong, lasting relationships through cooperation, partnerships, and mutual respect. This shared guiding principle will only grow stronger as we unite.

Bespoke Solutions

By bringing together the vast expertise and knowledge of both Pinnacle Live and AVMS, we can offer an increasingly customized, agile approach that caters to the diverse requirements of our hotel partners. From designing streamlined, elegant audiovisual setups for intimate events to delivering extraordinary productions for large-scale occasions, our combined team is equipped to flawlessly execute events that set new standards in the industry.

Setting the Bar Higher

The merger of Pinnacle Live and AVMS aspires to establish a new benchmark of excellence in the event services industry. By exploiting the shared capabilities and experiences of both companies, we can offer a broader range of services, including:

  • A customer-centric approach to account management and customer service
  • Comprehensive, tailored event technology solutions
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual technology
  • Expert event production and technical execution

This transformative merger unites two companies with a common passion: striving for the absolute best. We aim to redefine what it means to be a dependable partner, confident in the knowledge that our collaborative efforts will enable us to overcome any challenge.

A True Partner

We recognize that hotels expect more than just a service provider. We're delighted to offer an extensive array of customizable solutions designed to cater to each hotel's unique needs. We're committed to providing unwavering support through every stage of the process, cementing our status as not just a service provider but a trusted partner.

This merger launches an exciting new chapter for the meetings and events industry.