Venue Autonomy

Mark Bomhoff

A partnership is defined as a relationship between two or more people to do trade or business. For partnership to be successful, to be able to grow and thrive in our current business environment, you need two way transparent communication. The most effective and efficient ideas come from those who actually use the tools, systems, and processes a business utilizes in its daily operation. These three approaches produce much higher levels of customer service, hotelier engagement, profitability, and job satisfaction for team members:

  • Dedicated Onsite Staffing: Onsite staff is determined by the individual needs of the venue and includes a combination of roles tailored to the venue's business mix and expectations. This approach allows team members to become the technology experts at the venue by familiarity with the space and inventory allowing them to develop strong relationships with venue partners. This creates a stronger bond through personal investment by each and every one of your team members.
  • Dedicated Inventory: Onsite inventory, stored in venue-provided storage areas allows for instant availability and reduces sub-rental and transportation costs, allowing those savings to be invested in higher quality technology. The result is a much better inventory that benefits both the sales and execution phases of the event. With dedicated onsite inventory, your team members have intimate hands-on knowledge and familiarity with the technology and services you provide.
  • Partner Feedback: A true venue-focused partner will include hotel partners in the decision-making processes, one of the most important aspects of venue autonomy. Valuing their feedback on pricing, staffing, and inventory and working with them on systems and procedures benefit all involved. Working together synonymously with your partners with transparent, honest, and proactive communication is the key to success.

At Pinnacle Live we pride ourselves on empowerment. We empower our team members to use their skills and abilities to succeed with direction and guidance, but with minimal interference. We coach and train them to be a reflection of our venue partner's culture and values, to be part of the fabric of the venue and its team, and to work hand in hand with our partners to accomplish mutual goals and garner respect. Connect with us and learn more about Pinnacle Live's Next Generation Partnerships.